What We Do

Associated Environmental Systems Limited (AESL) is the expert in air quality management.

We excel in developing environmentally conscious engineering solutions for customers.

Air Purification Solution

AESL provides the world leading Air Purification System from Europe with a number of exclusive patented technologies

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Air Sanitization Solution

Ensure Guard is a high tech Nano technology which is nature organic with unique long lasting power to ensure the utmost positive effect on air sanitization.

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ERL Scent Marketing

Scent marketing is a very powerful tool creating a new dimension in marketing by instantaneous impact through the subconscious reaction of human minds to directly affect customer’s emotion and hence behavior

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Intelligent Collection Solution

A fully computerized control system to automate the collection process in a completely concealed environment

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Waste Handling Solution

Customized solution to help reduce waste volume, improve handling and transportation efficiency and avoid any environmental pollution

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About Us

AESL is the expert in air quality optimization and air flow management. We excel in developing environmentally conscious engineering solutions for customers, particularly in air purification, sanitization and scent marketing.