Associated Environmental Systems Limited (AESL) was established in 2005 with its headquarters in Hong Kong. It originated from the AEL group which was found in 1961, mainly to provide new and advanced technologies either locally developed based on over 20 years of engineering experience or with integration of overseas technologies in the environmental field. AESL introduces new technologies and management concepts to individual users and provides tailor-made solutions to meet their needs.


AESL provides comprehensive state of the art professional environmental engineering solution:
1.) Air Quality Improvement Solution
– Air Purification Solution
– Sanitization Solution
– Scent Marketing Solution
2.) Intelligent Collection Solution
3.) Waste Handling Solution

AESL focuses on developing environmentally conscious engineering solutions: from design, research & development, manufacturing, project management, to installation and commissioning, system trial run and after sales services as well as consultancy work.

In 2009, Beijing Advance Environmental Engineering & Systems Limited (BAESL) was established to extend AESL’s foundation for the long-term development in China. At the same time, liaison office was set up in Shanghai for better support and service. Extensive service support network was also established throughout the key cities in China

Continuous improvement, motivation and trust are the basic of AESL’s success.  AESL offers high-quality products, sustainable system solutions and full service.

With the recent alarming deterioration of air quality in the Greater China Region, health is as risk for most of the young, old and weak. As the expert in air flow management, AESL has developed a number of comprehensive solutions, striving to provide high quality, clean, fresh air, which is at the leading edge in the Greater China.