Tailor-made solution –

Provide case by case customized solution based on over 20-year engineering experience

                                                               Intelligent System – Self-regulating to maintain the best air quality down to every 0.2 sec

Real time display –

Display of the full system data in the Building Management System (BMS) – Instantaneous dynamic and state-of-the-art display for the public.

Unique Data Center

  • All system data uploaded to a worldwide Data Center in Switzerland
  • Only system in the world with a 24/7 monitoring service through the Data Center
  • Internet access for AQS monitoring
  • Diagnosis of system status
  • Safe data storage

Comprehensive Benefit

Reduces VOC significantly

Volatile organic compounds (VOC) are being neutralized through cracking and oxidation. Decomposition of harmful substance in the air as well as of odor loads.

*Halved the number of TVOC

Treatment of PM2.5

The bipolar oxygen will charge up the PM2.5 on contact causing the PM2.5 to attract each other forming clusters of increased particular size. The enlarged clusters will either achieve sizes large enough to be picked up by conventional air filters or drop to the floor as normal dust.

Eliminate: Germs, Bacteria & Mould

Micro-organisms form so-called condensation nuclei in the air being actively attached by oxygen ions which leads to an efficient elimination of germs, bacteria, fungus spores, etc. in the air. *90% reduction in bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Odour Neutralization

Root of odour problem can be traced to different causes. Odour should be neutralized and not covered. We deliver various effective solutions for different odour treatment.

Additional Value

Energy Saving

Subject to the specifications and conditions of the existing Air Conditioning System, power saving up to an estimation of 15-25% of the treated areas can be achieved.

LEED cert point

Supporting our Clients in Achieving

Higher LEEDTM Ratings