Scent Marketing introduces a totally new dimension with proven results in improving the overall customer experiences through the creation of a more comfortable, memorable and relaxing environment.

Numerous institutional and market researchers have proven that:

》People are 100 times more likely to remember something they smell versus what they see, hear or touch

》40 % improvement in mood after being exposed to pleasant scents

》Scent made customers more inclined to visit and recommend to others

Scent creates the quickest impact through sub-conscious reaction and directly affects customers’ emotions. Among our five senses, smell is therefore the most powerful channel to achieve an effective and long-term marketing impact.

Scent Marketing is to apply the power of scent in commercial environment to achieve:

》Brand Building;

》Brand Image Improvement;

》Customer Retention and Sales Enhancement by:

1. creating a pleasant mood and evoking a positive impression on the brand/location;

2. effectively increasing customers’ dwell time and frequency of visits;

3. connecting with customers on an emotional level to affect consumer behavior, hence induce spending Research results have shown that such customer experience would drive revenue with the increase of their dwell time in a more relaxed mood.