Automatic Waste Collection System is a highly intelligent Waste Collection System adopted extensively by many western countries in the last few decades. This is based on a matured technology developed over 20 years ago. The system can be applied for property developments including commercial and residential sectors,  as well as regional areas/districts with a dense population. The efficient, hygienic and fully concealed characteristics of this system make it highly suitable for application in special industries like the air-catering centres, hospitals or health care centres. This system is gaining wide acceptance in Asia in the last decade, particularly in more developed cities that are becoming increasing environmentally conscious.

The separated waste is compacted and stored in fully concealed containers which are transported to landfill or other waste handling facilities for further treatment. The whole collection and transportation process are conducted in a totally automatic and concealed environment.

(can design to suit individual client’s requirements)


System Advantages

》Central treatment reduces nuisance to residents;

》Totally concealed reduces first and second pollution 》Enhance hygienic condition and living quality;

》Media in promoting waste sorting and recycling;

》High efficiency in waste collection;

》Enhance intelligence Building Concept of new developments;

》Compatible with other intelligent building services systems & facilities as well as intelligent property management system;