AESL provides the world leading Air Purification Solutions from European based technologies. Pollution level changes every day, even by hour within the day. Only a dynamic system could accurately ensure that all pollutants are thoroughly treated. Unlike common market practices in providing simple static non-responsive systems, AESL recommends the world’s leading air purification system with intelligent technologies. Apart from continuously detecting and treating bacteria, harmful pollutants, toxic substance and odors in the air, its high-tech intelligent control system ensures no excessive generation of Ozone.

In addition to the advantage of minimal maintenance requirements, this system would also create substantial saving on the energy consumption of the HVAC system. It’s unique control features enable the system to quality for LEEDS, BEAM and WELL credit points. The system is very efficient in wide-area air treatment in shopping malls, commercial buildings, public transportation systems, hotels, casino & entertainment complexes, etc.